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DDas Research Group

                         ... the systems chemistry lab​

DDas Research Group

                                        ... the systems chemistry lab​


April 2024

Work on emergence of a short peptide based reductase via activation of model hydride rich cofactor is now accepted in Nature Communications!

Review on non-equilibrium self-assembly for living matter like properties is now accepted in the Nature Reviews Chemistry!

January 2024

Work on Temporal (Dis)Assembly of Peptide Nanostructures Dictated by Native Multistep Catalytic Transformations is now out in Nano Letters!

January 2024

SERB-funded Postdoctoral/research associate (RA-1) position is available in our lab. Go through the link for more details.


DST funded Project position is available in our lab (can be converted to PhD). Go through the link for more details.

November 2023

Work on Exploitation of Catalytic Dyads by Short Peptide-Based Nanotubes for Enantioselective Covalent Catalysis is now out in Angewandte Chemie!


October 2023

Work on Temporal Self-Regulation of Mechanical Properties via Catalytic Amyloid Polymers of a Short Peptide is now out in Nano Letters!

September 2023

Work on Dual Enzyme-Powered Chemotactic Cross β Amyloid Based Functional Nanomotors is now out in Nature Communications!

Work on Emergence of Photomodulated Protometabolism by Short Peptide-Based Assemblies is now out in the Journal of American Chemical Society!

June 2023

Work on Emergence of Catalytic Triad by Short Peptide-based Nanofibrillar Assemblies is now out in the Nano Letters!

February 2023

SERB-funded Post doctoral/research associate (RA-1) position is available in our lab. For more details please check out the link.

December 2022

DD is invited to join the Editorial Advisory Board of ChemSystemsChem for a period of 4 years. Congratulations DD !


October 2022

Chiranjit is awarded with the Prime Minister Research Fellowship. Congratulations Chiranjit !

Work on Nonequilibrium Amyloid Polymers Exploit Dynamic Covalent Linkage to Temporally Control Charge-Selective Catalysis is now out in Journal of American Chemical Society!

Work on Cross β Amyloid Nanotubes Demonstrate Promiscuous Catalysis in a Chemical Reaction Network via Co-option is out in Angewandte Chemie!

September 2022

Congratulations Dr. Ayan Chatterjee for successfully defending his PhD thesis!

July 2022

DD has been awarded with CRSI Bronze Medal for the year 2023. Congratulations DD!

Work on Phosphoesterase Activity by Cross-β Amyloids is out in Chemical Science!


May 2022

Work on Divergent Cascade Driven Fluorescent Amyloid Micro-swimmers is out in Angewandte Chemie!


March 2022

DD has been honoured as a distinguished scientist catergorized in the 75 under 50 Scientists Shaping Today's India published by Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India. Congratulations DD!

Review article on Systems chemistry of peptide-assemblies for biochemical transformations published in Chemical Society Review!


January 2022

Work on Non-equilibrium Catalytic Supramolecular Assemblies of Melamine- and Imidazole-Based Dynamic Building Blocks now out in Journal of American Chemical Society!


December 2021

Chiranjit grabs Chemical Science Outstanding Poster Presentation Prize at the ChemSci 2021, Leaders in Field Symposium organized by JNCASR. Congratulations Chiranjit!

November 2021

Work on Emergence of a Promiscuous Peroxidase Under Non-Equilibrium Conditions is out in Angewandte Chemie!


Review article on Substrate induced generation of transient self-assembled catalytic systems now out in Chemical Science!

September 2021

Article featured as an outstanding work in the virtual issue of JACS Early Career Investigators

Ayan grabs the best poster award ACS Langmuir at the ACS-CRSI Joint Poster Session hosted by 27th CRSI National Symposium in Chemistry organized by IISER Kolkata. Congratulations Ayan!

DD has been awarded with CRSI Young Investigator Award. Congratulations DD!

July 2021

New Opening for Post Doctoral position funded by IISER Kolkata

Feature article on Cross β Amyloid Assemblies as Complex Catalytic Machinery published in Chem Comm!

March 2021

DD has been awarded with Indian Peptide Society-Young Scientist Award (IPS-YSA) for Excellence in Peptide Research for the year 2021. Congratulations DD!  

January 2021

Work on Complex Cascade Reaction Networks via Cross β Amyloid Nanotubes published in Angewandte Chemie!


December 2020

2020 is ending with grand achievements!

Subhajit received B.N.Mankad award for his oral presentation. Pavel, Antara & Sumit bagged RSC Journal Award, ICS excellence award & ACS Journal Award respectively for their poster presentation at RTCS-OBC 2020 symposium of ICS.

December 2020

DD has been included in the Advisory Board of Materials Horizons. Congratulations DD!

December 2020

Ayan grabs the best poster award in ChemSci 2020-RSc sponsored Chemical Science virtual symposium @IISER Kolkata. Congratulations Ayan!


November 2020

DD has been awarded with prestigious Swarnajayanti Fellowship in Chemical Sciences, 2020. Proud moment!

November 2020

DD has been included in the International Advisory Board (IAB) of Asian JOC. Congratulations DD!

September 2020

Antara grabs the S. S. Bhatnagar Young Scientist Award for her presentation(oral) in RACMS 2020. Congratulations Antara!


May 2020

DD joins the Early Career Advisory Board of ACS Chemical Reviews 2020-2021. Congratulations DD!

April 2020

Work on non-equilibrium cross β amyloid polymers now out in Angewandte Chemie!

April 2020

DD delivers Invited Lecture at the prestigious Systems Chemistry Conference 2020!

March 2020

Work on Covalent Catalysis by Cross β amyloid nanotubes now out in the Journal of American Chemical Society!


March 2020

Its raining awards!

Subhajit, Sahnawaz & Pavel grab Research Excellence Awards in Chemical Science 2020 conference held @ IISER Kolkata. Antara bags her first Best Poster Award in Chemical Science 2020. Congratulations to all!

DD felicitated by IISER Kolkata!

February 2020

Work on Cross-β amyloid nanotubes for hydrolase–peroxidase cascade reactions now out in Chem. Commun !

January 2020

Work on Aldolase Cascade by Self Assembled Nanotubes is out in Angewandte Chemie!



December 2019

Pavel follows up his paper with a sports achievement!!! .. bags Silver in lawn tennis in the recently concluded Inter IISER Sports Meet (IISM)... Congratulations Pavel!

November 2019

Our project on Catalytic Amyloids rated "Excellent" by Nano Mission, Govt. of India. Our INSPIRE Project on Dynamic Assemblies had also received Excellent Ratings by INSPIRE Program, Govt. of India. Thank you for the encouragements!


November 2019

Dr. Baishakhi Saha was associated with DD Lab as CSIR-RA from 2018-2019, moved to New York, USA for her postdoc in  Prof. Dixie J. Goss's Lab. Best wishes Baishakhi!


October 2019

Work on Transient Condensates of short peptide and ATP for temporal regulation of cytochrome c activity accepted in Chemical Communications!



September 2019

Work on Designed Negative Feedback from Transiently formed Catalytic Nanostructures is now published in Angewandte Chemie!


September 2019

DD Lab member Dr. Sahnawaz Ahmed who was associated as a postdoc from 2017-2019, moved to Spain for his second postdoc in  Dr. Javier Montenegro's Lab. Best wishes Sahnawaz!

July 2019

DD has been selected as an Associate of the Indian Academy of Sciences (IASc) 2019. Congratulations!


July 2019

Sumit joins DDLab as a Ph. D. student and Chiranjit joins as a project JRF fellow. Welcome!

July 2019

Just out in Chemical Science, our latest work shows simple transient assemblies can regulate artificial enzymes


May 2019

New! Opening in recently granted NanoMission Project for JRF/Project Fellow


April 2019

Chandra joins DD Lab as JRF. Welcome!​

February 2019

New! Opening in recently granted SERB Project for JRF/Project Fellow

January 2019

Work on Chemically Fueled Dissipative Self-Assembly exploiting Cooperative Catalysis is now published in Angewandte Chemie!


July 2018

Baishakhi Sarkhel joins DD Lab as a Ph.D. student. Welcome!


June 2018

Congratulations Darshana for successfully defending her BS-MS thesis.


June 2018

Dr. Baishakhi Saha joins DD Lab as CSIR Research Associate. Welcome to the group!


March 2018

Dr. Krishnendu Das joins DD Lab as a Visiting Scientist. Welcome to the group!


January 2018

Subhajit and Antara join DD lab. Antara did her Masters from IIT Indore and Subhajit did his Masters from IIT Guwahati. Welcome!


September 2017

Dr. Sahnawaz Ahmed joins DD Lab as National Post Doctoral Fellow. Welcome!


July 2017

Ayan and Pavel join DD Lab. They both did their Masters from Visva Bharati University. Welcome!


September 2016

Kishalay and Darshana join DD Lab. They are pursuing their Masters at IISER Kolkata. Welcome.


March 2017

Catalytic diversity in self-propagating peptide assemblies published in Nature Chemistry


January 2017

DD Lab moves to IISER Kolkata from IISER Tirupati


November 2016

Aqueous gels with acute NIR light responsiveness accepted in Chemical Communications


September 2016

Akhil joins DD Lab. He did his BS-MS from IISER Mohali. Welcome Akhil!


June 2016

Great News!! Nidhi and Ashmeet get their second paper accepted in Angewandte Chemie. Cheers! The work deals with acute responsiveness of Amyloid based materials when hybridized with 2D materials like Molydenum Disulfide.


February 2016

Best Poster again! Ashmeet adds one more Best Poster Award to his kitty, this time at the 18th CRSI National Symposium in Chemistry


January 2016

Due to many recently awarded grants (DST Nano Mission, DBT Nanotechnology and DST INSPIRE), we now have multiple openings


January 2016

More Funds!! DD gets his third project funded! The prestigous "Department of Science and Technology-Nanomission Grant" on "Smart Peptide Nanomaterials for Chemical Evolution" (3 years)


November 2015

DD gets his second project funded. The work proposes the use of Amyloid based nanomaterials for Photoablation Therapy and funded by Department of Biotechnology  "Nanobiotechnology Research" (3 years)


July 2015

Best poster again! Nidhi grabs C.N.R. Rao award for the best Poster for “Cross-β Amyloid Nanohybrids decorated With Cytochrome C Exhibit Superactivity in Organic Solvents " in CRIKC (Chandigarh Region Innovation and Knowlegde Cluster) Nanoscience day, 21st July 2015.


March 2015

First Paper! Nidhi and Ashmeet just published their first work in Angewandte Chemie The work shows striking activation of Cytochrome C-amyloid nanotube hybrids in organic solvent!


December 2014

Ashmeet grabs the best poster award on "Responsive Amyloid Catalyst" in the One Day Conclave on Nano Biotechnology, 22 December 2014 held at IISER Mohali



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